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Here are a few success stories we would like to share with you:

A life made easier...

Pinched Nerve?

A Frightening Headache is Cured...
I came to Universal Health Institute after suffering from a five week long headache behind my eyes.  I even got an MRI and nothing was found. 
The headache subsided after my first treatment, and was completely gone after only three visits!
- Heather Kryszak

A Challenging Dental Project Goes Smoother...
I required extensive reconstructive dental work and for 10 weeks my mouth was open for four to six hours every Tuesday.
My dentist, Dr. Martin Marcus did an incredible job and I now have the Hollywood smile for which I had always wished. 
However, I did have some problems with headaches and realigning my jaw, and after consulting Dr. Marcus, we agreed that my chiropractor would be the best individual to address these issues. Dr. Amelia Case has done amazing job adjusting my head and neck and her massage therapist, Robe Zelesko has worked his own magic to realign my jaw and alleviate my headaches. 
I am extremely grateful to this extraordinary team for the necessary synergy to complete this incredible process.
- Blair Finberg Hoffman

Ringing in the Ear Handled without Drugs?
After getting braces on my top teeth, I found that for the first time in decades my teeth were aligned and straight.   I received a permanent retainer, which is a very fine wire attached to the back of the front four teeth.  This eliminated the need for a plastic retainer that I would have to wear every night forever.  The wire was very convenient and it seemed there were no problems at all. 
Around the same time that my orthodontic treatment was complete, I began to notice a ringing in my ears, a feeling of my ears being clogged and some slight change in hearing in my left ear.  My internist found no signs of infection or wax buildup and I was sent to an ear, nose, and throat specialist.  There I had extensive hearing tests, which resulted in further testing (an MRI) to rule out serious problems like a brain tumor.  Ultimately, the ear specialist concluded that I had "Meniere's Syndrome" an imbalance of the fluid in the inner ear, causing the ringing, and low hearing loss.  I did not present with the most classic of symptoms, vertigo.  I was told to take a medication (diuretics) indefinitely, and that there was no cure.
Meanwhile, my chiropractor explained to me that it was fairly common for patients to tell her that they experienced changes in their hearing, ears and balance after wearing a permanent retainer.  The theory is that the permanent retainer doesn't allow the teeth to move normally, and as a consequence, the bones and muscles of the face and skull are forced to move slightly to allow for the normal changes in tension and pressure of the head. She encouraged me to have the permanent retainer removed and continue with adjustments and craniosacral therapy to see what happened.  My orthodontist was on board and eager to help.  
I followed her advice and noticed an improvement within a couple of weeks.  I continued the treatment for several weeks more and have found the bothersome symptoms in my ears to be nearly completely gone.  Meanwhile, my teeth jumped for joy at being freed and moved slightly very quickly.  I use the removable retainer every night and find that the improvement in my ears is worth the inconvenience of using it versus the permanent wire. 
I recommend chiropractic and craniosacral therapy for anyone who is planning to receive orthodontic treatment as a way of achieving total health for the whole head, neck and face.
- Ellen Schor

A Life Made Easier...
I came to UHI with migraine headaches and neck/shoulder pain {related to cerebral palsy}. I was referred to Craniosacral Therapy (CST) by one of the doctors at UHI.
It was the doctor's hope that CST would lead to a reduction in the frequency and severity of my migraines. I had one previous experience with CST but the practitioner was not nearly as advanced Jacqui Hamilton (UHI's CST Therapist) is. 
My experience with Jacqui has been extremely positive. CST has led to a significant reduction in my migraine headaches. It also has benefited my chiropractic adjustments significantly. Prior to beginning CST, Dr. Case would frequently have difficulty getting movement in my neck because the muscles were too tight. Now, she is able to get movement every time.
I am very happy with CST and would highly recommend Jacqui. She is an excellent practitioner and truly cares about her patients. 
- Erin Liebich

A Clean Liver does Wonders...
I'm doing great.  I wish I'd known about this cleanse years ago.  It's amazing…my system had an unbelievably wonderful response.  I've lost a really substantial amount of bloat from my stomach.  My skin looks wonderful.  In fact, I wish I'd started eating this way a lot earlier in my life! 
All in all, it's been a wonderful experience - and relatively easy as well. What a miracle! 
- Ruth Rosen

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