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CranioSacral Therapy

Your CranioSacral System consists of twenty-two (22) cranial bones, the fibrous membrane (dura mater) that envelopes and protects the brain and spinal cord, and four additional horizontal membranes located at your pelvis, your solar plexus, just below your collarbone at your thoracic inlet and at the base of your skull, your occiput. Enclosed within that membrane is cerebrospinal fluid. Your cranial bones are designed to move and flex, thereby becoming the "pump" part of a semi-closed hydraulic system, your CranioSacral System. The other four membranes basically help maintain the structural integrity and function of the dural "tube," which is the dura mater and the enclosed spinal cord.

Think "turkey baster." If the bulb (skull) is rigid and hard, it can't be squeezed (pumped) and either draw fluid UP or push it DOWN the length of the stem (to the base of the spine) or throughout the brain. The bones are supposed to move constantly, rhythmically, in order to keep the brain and spinal cord wet with cerebrospinal fluid. That hypnotic flow is your CranioSacral Rhythm and it's what I monitor in order to determine whether or not your CranioSacral System is functioning normally. "Normally" means your CranioSacral Rhythm cycles/beats/pulses six to twelve times per minute. That is the normal range. I am also checking your rhythm's amplitude, symmetry and quality. In order to receive your "good-to-go" card, your CranioSacral Rhythm has to be normal in all four aspects.

Have you heard you're electric? That's a fact. That wet cerebrospinal fluid is a conductor of electrical impulses. The information carried by them, to and from the brain, is required to maintain balance and function of organs and systems throughout your body. If your CranioSacral System isn't operating optimally, performance of your body's inherent self-corrective mechanism is also dramatically impaired. The result is that your body will likely suffer a wide range of sensory, motor and neurological problems. It is THE major player in the operation of your Central Nervous System. CranioSacral Therapy is effective in the treatment of all health problems, great and small, but especially those that are tension-related. It reduces pain and frequently erases it temporarily, if not entirely. A myriad of conditions respond quickly and efficiently to the subtle touch of a skilled CranioSacral Therapy practitioner.

Restoration of the CranioSacral Rhythm in all its aspects usually takes from twenty to sixty minutes. How long it will remain so is another question and, initially, it probably won't stay as long as either of us would like. CranioSacral Therapy appointments are scheduled for one hour. You will remain fully clothed throughout the treatment, however, I suggest you remove shoes, belts, glasses, watches and chunky jewelry for your comfort. No oils or lotions are necessary.

I can't give you an answer to your "how long will it take to see results" question. I will say that, generally, neither of us will have a clue until sometime after your fifth visit. It takes that much time for your Innate to recognize mine and for them to begin to work together in harmony. It sounds spooky but it's just basic, non-ego-related communication working itself out. I may want to see you at least twice a week for the first few weeks. To stretch out appointments ruins our element of surprise and the effort to pattern interrupt. It's important to keep your body from resuming its abnormal-normal mode of operation. We need to sell it on the idea that the old way is not, in fact, the right way and just like the rest of us, it resists change.

Post-treatment it is recommended you plan to spend the next eight to twelve hours being particularly sensitive to the needs of your head and heart. In other words, spend that time in good company or quietly doing something you love to do. Your body is at least momentarily in a state of balance, somewhat blissful, and it deserves all the TLC you can give it. It is exceptionally vulnerable to the harshness of reality at this time so allow your temporary "dream state" to wrap the world in gentle energy. That's the environment required for healing to truly begin.

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