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Skilled attention focused on the cause of your pain

Pain is a symptom of an underlying condition, a condition that pills and medications only mask. We concentrate on finding and relieving the cause of your pain. Then we help stop it and help keep it from returning.

An imbalanced life is a stressful life
You live an active life. Your schedule is packed and your days are busy. And while this lifestyle creates success in so many areas of your life, it causes distress in others. Years of imbalance and stress can create serious health problems.

Careful consideration of your needs
We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best results possible. With regular monitoring and follow-up testing, we can focus on what your body needs to heal and adjust treatment accordingly. We'll also teach you how to best manage your condition and show you the steps you can take to speed your recovery.

Information: the key to enduring health

At Universal Health Institute, we have dedicated doctors and therapists who continually train to provide you with the latest therapies; professionals who keep learning in order to improve your future. Plus, we offer you something long-lasting: information. We realize that you care about the health of your body, and we'll make sure the information you need is available. We take your questions seriously. Answering them clearly and accurately is important business. Facts about your body and knowledge about your condition will give you the certainty to make wise choices for your health care; now and in your future.

Restoring balance begins with proven diagnostics

At Universal Health Institute, we use state-of-the art diagnostic testing to help determine the most effective ways to get you back to health. We team with professional physicians, radiologists and laboratories to analyze your tests to help us determine the course of your treatment. We continue to use these high-quality tests throughout your care to gauge, monitor and document your progress. And when in-house testing isn’t possible, we refer you to reputable centers for further testing.

Our in-house diagnostics include:

High-frequency, rare-earth diagnostic X-rays for a greater degree of accuracy and minimum radiation.

Nutrition testing to determine chemical deficiencies and metabolic imbalances.

A common-sense approach

Diagnosing a problem also requires common sense. We will investigate your history of illness and injury and discover if and how it is related to your current condition. By gathering facts from physical tests and conducting a thorough examination, we will determine the current capabilities of your body. This helps us understand how you got your problem and what is required to correct it.

Preventing future health problems

Why do patients continue to see us for care even after their pain has gone? With regular checkups, we help them continue to feel good and prevent future problems. When your body is healthy you feel vital, awake and young. You have more energy, accomplish more in a day, enjoy playing and suffer less from accidents and injuries. That's what prevention is all about

A brighter future awaits you

Our goal is to help you get the most out of your life by taking great care of your body. Science teaches us that when we show our appreciation for our bodies by choosing a healthy life we can count on a brighter future. At Universal Health Institute, we can help you maintain good physical alignment and balanced body chemistry. That's a healthy body: a great tool for living. Let's look at your healthy future: You won't get sick as often. You will prevent injury and keep pain from interrupting your life. You will be free from stress. Your body will rest and repair more easily. You will use your energy and resources to live your life doing what you love to do, and wake up everyday ready to enjoy it

Real-life success stories

Relieved. Younger. Loose. Light. Flexible. Energetic. Lively. Free. These are some of the praises we hear from our patients. We want to hear your praises, too, and will do our best to create your success story

While many patients come for an end to their pain; others come to begin their lives again

People with a purpose. The most important and most valuable thing we offer to our patients is our consistency and continuity of purpose. We want you to have every opportunity to heal. We want you to be able to live a healthy life. Each doctor and therapist may have a different specialty, technique or method, but each of us have the same dedication to offering you our very best

Life-changing experiences

Healing doesn't just have to do with the mechanics of repairing one problem. It has to do with transforming a human life from one stage to another. We know that the people who walk through our doors are looking for something that changes their lives for the better. We understand. We look forward to the opportunity to help change your life by improving your health. We want you to know you're in the right place and you've taken the right steps to enjoy a life-changing experience.

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